How to Paint 2-Stroke Engine Fins?

Answer Painting the fins on a two-stroke engine may be part of cleaning up an older bike when getting ready to sell. There's no need to take anything apart using this method, which will save time and give... Read More »

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How to Repair Air-Cooled Engine Fins?

On some motorcycle engines, as well as many other types of small engines, fins are incorporated into the body of the cylinder and head blocks to allow heat to dissipate through them. As air passes ... Read More »

What Is the Purpose of the Fins Attached to the Cylinder Head of the Air Cooled Engine?

Internal combustion engines come in many shapes and forms that rely on a liquid-filled jacket or the surrounding air to prevent the engine from overheating. While liquid-cooled engines are smooth i... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a 2 Stroke Gas Engine?

Figuring out what causes a two-stroke engine to malfunction or perform weakly typically involves identifying what is throwing off the fuel/air mixture. Additionally, the ignition timing, if set inc... Read More »

How to Mix a Gallon of Gas for a Two Stroke Engine?

Most two stroke engines in dirt bikes, snowmobiles, dirt bikes and chain saws require a premixed combination of gasoline and two cycle oil. The gasoline powers the engine while the oil lubricates t... Read More »