How to Pace a 400 Meter Dash?

Answer The 400 meter dash is one of the most grueling sprint events that can be run. Even calling it a sprint brings into question how it should be run. At only one-quarter of a mile, it is too short to b... Read More »

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Where did the 400 meter dash come from?

The 400-meter dash came from the first modern Olympics in 1896, which were held in Athens, Greece. In ancient Olympics--which took place in 472 B.C.--there was a two-stade race, which was close to ... Read More »

When was the first 100-meter dash?

The first 100-meter dash in Olympics competition took place in 1896. The race was won by Thomas Burke of the United States. The first women's 100-meter dash at the Olympics was held in 1928 and won... Read More »

How to Train for the 100 Meter Dash?

Training for the 100 Meter dash may seem difficult, but it is not. With proper fitness, it may be easy to complete. There are a few ways to train.

How many feet are in the 100-meter dash?

One meter is equivalent to 1.094 yards. Multiply 100 meters by 1.094 yards per meter.100 x 1.094 = 109.4 yards.One yard is equivalent to 3 feet. Multiply 109.4 yards by 3 feet per yard. Hence, our ... Read More »