How to Overcome Obesity?

Answer Obesity is usually a lifestyle disease but it may be a consequence of other diseases like diabetes and thyroid gland diseases. It is not only common in the aged but youths and even children are vic... Read More »

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How to overcome childhood obesity?

"Is Your Child Facing A Major Health Risk? As someone who was chubby as a kid … I know all too well the pain and humiliation that an overweight child can feel when they are taunted and teased... Read More »

Pug Dog Obesity?

So your pug may be a bit portly. For many owners, it just adds to the dog's overall charm---especially when you consider those saucer-like eyes and adorable expressions they're so adept at using to... Read More »

Can babies have obesity?

Hans von Chiari, Professor of Morbid Anatomy at Charles University in Prague, 1891 published a his findings describing three cases with malformations of the lower part of the cerebellum and brain s... Read More »

Anorexic vs. obesity?