How to Overclock an EVGA NVIDIA 8800 GTS Video Card?

Answer When you experience stuttering or lag in your favorite computer games, overclocking your EVGA Nvidia 8800 GTS can help solve the problem. Lag and stuttering occur when a software title demands mor... Read More »

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How to Overclock an NVIDIA 8800 Ultra Graphics Card?

Whether you enjoy gaming, benchmarking or other 3D applications, the day might come when the demands of your software outstrip the capabilities of your NVIDIA 8800 Ultra. While spending money to up... Read More »

Is The EVGA GeForce 8800 GTS Video Card good for gaming?

I still have my 8800GTS and it plays any game maximum settings... 8800 series is not considered mid ranged yet it's still high end i'll tell you that for sure. So yeah.. you honestly dont really ne... Read More »

Where do I find the serial number on an EVGA 8800 GT Superclocked PCI Express Card?

An eVGA 8800GT signifies an NVIDIA graphics card. All NVIDIA graphics card product containers (the box the card came in) come with a serial number label stuck to the bottom of the box. Alternativel... Read More »

Is nvidia geforce 8800 gtx an agp graphics card?

The Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX graphics card is not AGP compatible. To use the GeForce 8800 GTX, you will need a motherboard with an open PCI Express slot. An AGP port has a different number of pins a... Read More »