How to Outsmart the Standardized Test?

Answer Let's face it: For most people, standardized tests are tough. If you're taking the SAT for college, a multiple choice test to get your driver's license, or any other standardized test for work or s... Read More »

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Is it better to test older or younger students with a standardized test?

On One Hand: Testing Younger Students Gives More TimeAccording to Oregon English as a second language (ESL) teacher Beverlee Brick, the younger a student receives standardized testing, the sooner e... Read More »

The Similarities & Differences of Classroom Test & Standardized Achievement Test?

Standardized tests are created by a testing agency outside of the school environment. A classroom test is created by the teacher or perhaps a textbook company and aligned with the state standards. ... Read More »

Standardized Test Instructions?

Standardized tests are the rule stick by which many schools, districts, and governments measure education. No matter what your personal view on standardized testing is, or whether you believe it is... Read More »

How to Use a Standardized Psychological Test?

Standardized psychological tests are used by companies and organizations as a way to understand how a potential recruit thinks, as well as how well the recruit would behave and grow in a key positi... Read More »