How to Output Video From a MacBook to a TV?

Answer The MacBook is the entry-level laptop produced by Apple. It has various connectivity options. One of these is to display whatever is showing on its screen onto a television screen. This is done by ... Read More »

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How do I download video from my Digital Video Camera recorder(AG-DVX100) to my MacBook Pro?

Hi. You first need software on your MacBook to "talk to" your video camera. There are several applications that will work fine. Some are inexpensive and may already be on your computer (iMovie, ... Read More »

How to upload a video from iPHone 5 to Macbook Pro?

My method...1) Launch iTunes. Sync. Quit iTunes.2) Launch iPhoto. Locate the video, drag to desktop. Quit iPhoto.3) Launch iMovie. Under "File", select "Import Movie..."You can skip step 2 if you k... Read More »

Whats a better picture (resolution)a dvd player output on composite or s video or vga from comp. w/dvd playr?

composite (Red Green Blue) then S-Video then VGA

What is the safest website to use to download a video from youtube on a macbook? is what I use, hope it helps sincerely Comrade Ward