How to Organize a Classroom With Multiple Intelligence Surveys?

Answer Organizing a classroom with Multiple Intelligence surveys encourages student engagement, which supports learning and promotes management. Multiple Intelligence theory is based on the belief that ev... Read More »

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How to Set Up a Multiple Intelligence Classroom?

Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences works on the basis that we all have various levels of intelligence across a range of areas. The multiple intelligences are interpersonal, intrapers... Read More »

Objectives for Multiple Intelligence in the Classroom?

It is generally accepted in the education world that Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences is the most accurate assessment of how people learn. The theory, in summary, suggests that peo... Read More »

Multiple Intelligence Activities for the Classroom?

The theory of multiple intelligences rejects traditional, simplified ideas of intelligence based on IQ testing. Instead, it holds that people exhibit different kinds of intelligence. Dr. Howard Gar... Read More »

Highlights of the Multiple Intelligence Theory?

Multiple intelligence is the brainchild of Dr. Howard Gardener, who developed the theory while serving as professor of education at Harvard University in 1983. Dr. Gardener suggests that IQ testing... Read More »