How to Order a Key for a Buick?

Answer If you own a late model Buick that uses a electronic key to start the vehicle, losing that key means you cannot start your car. The anti-theft system and the car's computer is designed to recognize... Read More »

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Is the iphone 4 gonna be available for pre order and reserve on june 15 2010 or just pre order?

When you pre-order something, you reserve it aswell. It's the same thing.The iPhone 4 is available for pre-order on the 15th.When you pre-order, you are guaranteed to get an iPhone 4 on the 25th.

Is a 'stop order' the same as a 'limit order' set under a desired sell price?

I would hate to have @Slick and @CommonSense as my financial advisers with their explanation (or in the case of CS the confirmation of it) of a Stop Order .Can you imagine....a stop order falling l... Read More »

Why are the letters on ur keyboard not in alpahbetical order why that particular order?

The 'QWERTY' keyboard originates from old typewriter keyboards. To avoid the most popular keys hitting each other as they printed onto the paper, the popular ones were kept apart.This cut down on t... Read More »

Can you order a high school cap&gown after the order period?

Many companies will take cap and gown orders after the order period has ended with the caveat that the cap and gown might not be ready for graduation. Other companies charge a rush fee for late ord... Read More »