How to Order Replacement Military Medals?

Answer Whether one of the highly regarded military medals like the Purple Heart has been lost or a campaign medal from your service has been destroyed, your military medals can be replaced. As long as the... Read More »

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How Can I Obtain Replacement Medals for My Father?

The U.S. military keeps accurate and comprehensive records on individuals who have worked to defend their country. Family members of deceased or discharged U.S. military veterans have the right to ... Read More »

What order are medals on dress blue alpha?

Refer to your MOL account. While viewing your awards there will be a link to show by order of precedence

How to Get Military Medals Due to You?

A veteran's medals are a graphical depiction of his awards and decorations. These medals are worn on military uniforms and are often proudly displayed after a veteran separates from his or her bran... Read More »

What are the top 5 military medals?

The American Medal of Honour and the British Victoria's Cross (which can be awarded to soldiers in the Commonwealth countries) are probably the highest medals. There are many medals which reward ac... Read More »