How to Order Proactiv Solution Products?

Answer Proactive Solution acne-treatment products are one of the most popular anti-acne products available on the market. The treatment consists of several pieces of acne fighting products including a cle... Read More »

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How to Use Proactiv Solution?

Battling acne is not easy. Most of us think of teenagers when it comes to pimples, but the truth is that even adults well into their 30s and 40s still suffer from this skin condition. Acne is a por... Read More »

What is the use of Proactiv solution?

Proactiv Solution is used for acne treatment and prevention. The system is a three-part treatment consisting of a cleanser (face wash), a toner and a repairing cream. Each is used twice daily.Sourc... Read More »

Directions on How to Use Proactiv Solution?

ProActiv is a three-step process using a medicated cleanser, toner and repairing treatment used to control acne, unclog pores and clear skin. The main active ingredient is benzoyl peroxide. ProActi... Read More »


If you have tried Proactiv Solution, then you know just you addicting it is to your skin. It may clear your skin somewhat, but it is harsh, drying, and leaves your skin feeling ill and horrible. On... Read More »