How to Operate a Chainsaw?

Answer basic equipment for operating a chainsawOperating a chainsaw can be dangerous and strenuous work. Never attempt to use a chainsaw until you are familiar with its hazards, special safety requirement... Read More »

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Who invented the 1st chainsaw?

In an article by Dr. Wolf Seufert of the Canadian Medical Association, it is revealed that the first chainsaw was most likely created in 1830 by a German inventor named Bernard Heine. He put a chai... Read More »

Who invented the chainsaw?

Andreas Stihl invented the first chainsaw in 1926. It weighed a hefty 140 lbs. and was powered by electricity instead of gas. Stihl's invention changed the logging industry. The company still makes... Read More »

How to Chainsaw Yourself on Gears of War?

Feel the need for some punishment? You can chainsaw yourself on Gears of War. Here's how you do it.

How do i put on a chainsaw chain?

Putting the Chain on the BarHold the guide bar with the tip pointing up. Set the inner drive teeth of the chain on the tip of the bar. Make sure the cutting teeth, the sharp points on the chain, ar... Read More »