How to Operate a Bird Sprinkler?

Answer Rain Bird sprinklers come in two forms: underground and aboveground. Underground sprinklers are installed in conjunction with several other underground units in such a way that every inch of grass ... Read More »

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Rain Bird Sprinkler Types?

Rain Bird Corp. makes a wide selection of sprinkler types to accommodate varying turf and landscape needs. Throw distance, pattern shape and riser height are chief among the variables in each desig... Read More »

How to Replace a Rain Bird Impact Sprinkler?

Rain Bird is a major manufacturer of impact sprinkler heads designed for large areas. Water pressure is forced through a small nozzle that is aimed directly at a metal or plastic paddle. This paddl... Read More »

Im thinking about putting a rain bird sprinkler system and need help!?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUE.Question? Why Rainbird? Are you installing for yourself or are you putting this in for someone else to make a buck? Because if it is for your own use, why Rainbird?... Read More »

How do I adjust the spray pattern of a Rain Bird sprinkler head?

Determine Sprinkler TypeDetermine what type of sprinkler head you have. Rain Bird manufactures sprinkler heads in pop-up and rotary styles. Pop-up sprinklers have a riser that "pops up" when water ... Read More »