How to Open the Case of an XPS 8100?

Answer Every new project or procedure you start for the very first time may at first seem like an impossible feat. But once started, you often find that the process isn't as difficult as you thought. Op... Read More »

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My parents adopted my kids and they get help for that. but the child support has an open case with me how can i close my case or work some thing out with them?

Can't open Skyfall Blu-Ray case?

Yes they forgot to take that off. You need to go take it back to the store and have them do that for you.

How to Open the Case on a HP N5210?

The HP N5210 is a laptop computer similar to just about any other HP laptop computer available. If you hare changing the hard drive or RAM of your HP N5210 then you only have to remove the battery ... Read More »

How to Open a Dell PC Case?

If you have had other computers, the opening of a Dell PC case may have you stumped. Most computer cases are secured with either screws or thumbscrews. Dell cases are different in that they are gen... Read More »