How to Open an MSN Account Using My Hotmail?

Answer When you create a Hotmail email account, it is automatically set up as a Windows Live ID. This gives you access to MSN Account Services, which includes instant messenger services, photo sharing ser... Read More »

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How to Open a New Hotmail Account?

An email account is a vital social, work and even financial tool. Email allows messages, images and documents to be sent from one person to another without cost. A well-chosen email address can all... Read More »

How Do I Open a New Hotmail Email Account?

Access the Hotmail WebsiteLaunch your Web browser and go to Up For An AccountOn the Hotmail home page, click the "Sign Up" button toward the bottom of the page. It is next to the w... Read More »

I just received an e-mail from my hotmail account to my same hotmail account, obviously I didn't send it?

Spam.Short answer: delete it.Resolving the issue? Good luck. We've been eradicate it for 20 years!

How to Create a Free MSN Hotmail Account For Windows Live Hotmail?

These days, it is really easy to create a free Web-based email account. Increasingly, these free accounts are offering substantial mailbox sizes and additional features like virus detection, spam f... Read More »