How to Open a Washing Machine for Repair?

Answer Occasionally, you will find that the washing machine needs to be opened for maintenance issues. In general, most washing machines are very similar in the way you access the interior parts, requirin... Read More »

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How to Open Up an Estate Washing Machine to Repair the Lid Switch?

Estate washing machines are manufactured by Whirlpool and share many of the same functionality and repair characteristics. Estate top-loading washing machines have a lid switch that determines if t... Read More »

How do I open an LG washing machine?

Opening an LG Washing MachineOpen an LG washing machine that is not currently in use by grasping the handle on the left side of the door and pulling it firmly towards you until it swings open. If t... Read More »

How to Open a Top-loading GE Washing Machine?

General Electric, or GE, manufactures many models of washing machines designed for residential installations. GE washing machines are available as either top-loading or front-loading units. When re... Read More »

How to Repair a Bad Washing Machine Hose?

Washing machine hoses carry hot and cold water from the shutoff valve on the water lines to the washing machine. They are made of rubber and have brass or steel fittings on both ends that are the s... Read More »