How to Open a Top-loading GE Washing Machine?

Answer General Electric, or GE, manufactures many models of washing machines designed for residential installations. GE washing machines are available as either top-loading or front-loading units. When re... Read More »

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How to Use a Front Loading Washing Machine?

Front loading washing machines, otherwise known as horizontal axis washing machines, have gained popularity because many models use less energy and save people money on electric bills. The front lo... Read More »

Can I use Rit dye in a front loading washing machine?

According to the RIT website, when dyeing an item in a washing machine it needs to be pre-filled with hot water before adding either the RIT dye or the item itself. This may not be possible with a ... Read More »

Should a front loading washing machine repeatedly agitate for a few seconds and then pause for a few seconds throughout the washing cycle instead of agitating continuously?

Answer It depends on the model. I really don't know how many do and how many do not. Every one I've worked with in my positions as laundry attendant have done it.

Cleaning a Front-Loading Washing Machine?

Front-loading washers are energy efficient, making them easier on the planet as well as your wallet. But if you don't properly clean them, a moldy smell can form in the washer and your clothes. By ... Read More »