How to Open a Locked Door on a 2005 Ford Ranger?

Answer The Ford Ranger is a compact pickup truck manufactured since 1983 by the Ford Motor Company. The truck features manual or power lock doors depending on the model. A key remote is used to unlock and... Read More »

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How to Open a Locked Door on a 2000 Ford F-250?

The 2000 Ford F-250 is one of Ford's "Super Duty" pickup trucks. It is based on the F-150, but, according to, offers "roomier interiors" and "stronger chassis and engines." Like other cars... Read More »

My 3 year old daughter locked the bathroom door from the do i open the door?

it might be like the door like that i have. inside the lock it has a little thing that sticks out and it has a slot for what i would describe as a miniture flathead screwdriver. so basically you n... Read More »

How to Get in My Locked Ford Ranger?

Losing your keys or locking them in your car creates the annoying problem of finding other means of getting into the vehicle. The "slim jim" is made specifically for this purpose. Comprised of only... Read More »

How to Open a Locked Saturn Car Door?

Locking your keys inside your Saturn doesn't mean you have to call a locksmith. With a little patience and a metal coat hanger, you can unlock your car door.