How to Open a Jeep Door Without a Key?

Answer Jeep is a brand owned by the carmaker Chrysler and includes many different makes and models of cars, including off-road vehicles, SUVs and trucks. However, when most people think of the Jeep brand,... Read More »

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How to Open a CD or DVD Door Without Turning on the Device?

Ever forgot a CD or DVD inside its drive and had to turn it on just to eject, and then shut it down again? Most drives allow you to avoid that.

How to Open a Garage Door Without Electrical Power?

You're ready to go to work and you push the garage door opener button and nothing happens. After a brief moment of panic and then thinking you can't get the car out of the garage to go to work, you... Read More »

How can you open a garage door without a remote or access inside?

Can you open a locked interior door without keyholes, screws, or holes of any kind on the doorknob?

You'll have to damage the door knobs I'm afraid. Drill out the knob with an half inch drill, go right through the middle of the knob. When you get through the first knob stick a screw driver in and... Read More »