How to Open a Checking Account Without ChexSystems?

Answer When applying for a checking account, banks will typically pull your ChexSystems report, others may pull your credit report and some will do both. Negative items on your ChexSystems record will be ... Read More »

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How to Get a Checking Account if You're Listed in Chexsystems?

Times have been rocky for a lot of people, and sometimes even responsible people fall behind and find they as they get back on their feet, they're not even able to open a checking account, thanks t... Read More »

How old does one have to be to open a checking account?

Most banks require patrons be at least 16 to 18 years old to open a checking account. Checking accounts are designed for personal spending and enable consumers to pay for purchases directly from th... Read More »

How do I open an ACH checking account?

In PersonDecide which bank or credit union you would like to open an account with. Visit that branch and ask about opening an Automated Clearing House (ACH) checking account. Fill out necessary for... Read More »

How old do you need to be to open a checking account?

Banks have no standard policy as to how old you have to be to open a checking account. For instance, Bank of America allows teens 16 and older to open an account as long as they have two pieces of ... Read More »