How to Open a Bottle with No Bottle Opener?

Answer Using a wii Mote is not the best alternativeEver needed to open a bottle but been in the frustrating predicament of not having a bottle opener? Here are a few ways to open a bottle with things you ... Read More »

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How to Open a Bottle Without a Bottle Opener?

101 Uses for an OpenerOpening a bottle without the benefit of an opener is something that many aspire to, ideally suffering no chipped teeth. In fact, there are many ways to open a bottle. Almost a... Read More »

When someone comes to your house for dinner and brings a bottle of wine, do you open their bottle or yours?

The assumption is that a brought wine is a gift for the hostess/host. The host usually selects a wine to pair with the menu plan. Therefore you open your bottle of wine. I usually handle the situat... Read More »

Nitrous Bottle Opener Instructions?

Nitrous bottle openers are used to open your nitrous bottle without getting out of your vehicle. A nitrous bottle contains pressurized nitrous oxide, which increases the horsepower of your car engi... Read More »

When was the first wine bottle opener invented?

Wine has been around for thousands of years but the process of using a cork to stop up the bottle has only been in practice a few hundred years. Samuel Henshal patented the first corkscrew in Birmi... Read More »