How to Open Up an Above Ground Pool for Summer?

Answer So winter is finally gone and the family is looking forward to fun in the sun: enjoying the warmer days in a crystal clear swimming pool. Your above-ground pool needs to be opened and made ready fo... Read More »

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Is there a company that will come to your house set up an above ground pool service it and then tear it down after the summer?

Answer I would think a handyman sort might set it up for you and you would have to hire a pool service to service it. Or call a few pool service companies in your area and see what they say.You mig... Read More »

How do you open a in-ground pool?

By "opening" I'm assuming you are referring to the seasonal opening of a pool. Also, I will assume that you have an electric pump and a sand filter. SUMMARY: Essentially, you want to minimize the ... Read More »

How to Open Your Above Ground Swimming Pool After Winter?

To have a stress free swimming experience its important to spend a little time at the beginning of the season. Get your chemical levels right and you will have a healthy crystal clear pool.

How can you repair the ground after removing a small above-ground pool The ground is now black and brown and smells rancid?

Remove Above Ground Pool Damage It sounds like mold. I suggest you wash it off good with the hose and let it sit. It will go away by itself. Anything underneath of the pool is probably dead, so us... Read More »