How to Open Threadlocker Blue?

Answer Threadlocker Blue is an anaerobic gel that creates an airtight seal between the threads of a bolt when a nut or other device is attached to it. This seal prevents corrosion and oxidation while stop... Read More »

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Permatex Threadlocker Blue Instructions?

Permatex threadlocker is a line of thread-locking gels (often called threadlocker) that is used to keep bolts and fasteners from coming loose in automotive and general machinery applications. The c... Read More »

Is Threadlocker watertight?

Threadlocker, a product created by Loctite. is an anaerobic adhesive. It creates a bond in airtight places. According to Loctite, you can use Threadlockers under water, "Only after they have fully ... Read More »

Threadlocker Removal?

Threadlocker adhesive helps keep nuts and bolts together under high stress and vibration. If you have nuts and bolts held together with threadlocker, you won't be able to get them apart with normal... Read More »

Types of Threadlocker?

Threadlockers are compounds that are applied to nuts and bolts to prevent them from becoming loose over time. Commonly used in automotive and industrial applications, this prevents fastening hardwa... Read More »