How to Open MacSpeech Dictate?

Answer Windows users have been able to choose from a bevy of voice recognition programs over the years -- Windows 7 and Vista even include a powerful built-in speech recognition utility. However, Mac user... Read More »

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How can insurance dictate your medication?

A common feature of all insurance plans whether it's Medicare, a group or an individual policy is to regulate the prescription drugs prescribed for its members. This is done in four ways: requiring... Read More »

Who did Milton dictate paradise lost to?

My Home owners Association has not met since 1998. We have also not paid dues. Can the self Proclaimed President dictate changes?

Legally, the association is based upon common ownership of real estate assets. Your state law dictates how these assets must be 'maintained, preserved and protected'. In a non-functioning associati... Read More »

Any statistics on how many life insurance claims are disputed by family members and does the beneficiary dictate payment?