How to Open Flash SWF Files Directly Without an Internet Browser?

Answer Adobe Flash is software used for creating computer-based and Internet-based animations. When you create a Flash project, you will have two output files. One file is in the SWF format, and the other... Read More »

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How to Delete Files Directly Without Sending Them to Recycle Bin?

As you know that the files you delete, first goes to the Recycle Bin, then you delete them from there. Using my steps, you can easily delete the files without letting them to go to the Recycle bin.

How can I set to open a browser other than my default browser to open when I click links in Messenger Insider?

You can try right-clicking the link and choose a different browser to use.You can open the browser that you want to use, then just copy and paste the links from Messenger..

My internet explorer browser doesnt open on phone?

Make more available storage at least more then 750 MB so other application & your browser will work.

How to Open Flash Files on My PC?

If you're co-authoring, editing, updating or starting anew on a Flash animation, you won't get too far on the movie if you're unable to open the file. Created originally by the Macromedia company a... Read More »