How to Open CD Files on a Dell Dimension 2300?

Answer You can use a CD to save or store virtually any type of computer application or file. Be it music, videos, applications or backup files, the CD is a reliable storage medium for all of them. Your De... Read More »

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What type of motherboard is in a dell dimension 2300?

The Intel 845GL motherboard is found in the Dell Dimension 2300. It features four PCI card slots and four USB slots. Its maximum memory is 1GB and the system clock has a 400 Mhz data rate.Source:Vi... Read More »

How to Open a Dell Dimension L1000R?

Opening your Dell desktop may seem like a scary undertaking. But it can be a very useful skill to learn. It can allow you to troubleshoot, upgrade or replace important components of your computer. ... Read More »

How do I open a Dell Dimension 4600?

Open the Dimension 4600Unplug the computer, and lay it on its left side. Push down and hold the cover latch located on the back of the computer, about a third of the way up from the bottom on the r... Read More »

How to Open a Dell Dimension Computer Case?

The computer case protects your computer from dust and dirt that may interfere with the electrical current or damage delicate computer parts. A computer case is convenient most of the time, but wh... Read More »