How to Oil a Uni-Filter Foam Filter?

Answer Almost all makes and models of all-terrain vehicles use a uni-filter foam filter in their air cleaning systems. These filters use a layer of oil to catch debris before it can enter the engine. It i... Read More »

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Maintenance for a Motorcycle Foam Air Filter Pod?

Allowing a greater amount of air to enter into the intake, foam "pod" filters have been popular with many motocross racers. Street riders also have take advantage of these inexpensive foam filters... Read More »

How to Convert From Foam to Bio Balls in My Pond Filter?

Converting from foam to bio balls in your pond filter is an easy process that can improve biological filtration of pond water. Take care to maintain the viability of the beneficial bacteria colonie... Read More »

Does the use of diatomaceous earth in a sand filter destroy the sand's ability to filter?

Answer huh...i'd try using sand in the sand filter and DE in a DE filter for optimum results.A: Yes, D E can interfere with the sands ability to to it's job.

Will a carbon filter filter out soap from a turtle tank?

No filter - not even a high-powered carbon filter - can completely remove soap from a tank. Because even a small amount of soap can be lethal to aquatic animals such as turtles, you should clean yo... Read More »