How to Oil Mink Coats?

Answer Fur coats are the garment of choice for those who wish to exude fashion sense while staying cozy and warm. However, rare furs are very expensive and are more of a luxury item than a wearable winter... Read More »

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Different Types of Mink Coats?

Mink coats are a long-standing symbol of luxury and wealth. These attractive coats are made from the pelts of farm-raised minks and can last for decades with the correct care. High-quality skins an... Read More »

Colors of Mink Coats?

The color mink in the fashion world is a cross between a brown and taupe color, but the animal after which the color is named comes in a variety of colors. In the wild, minks have shiny, soft fur i... Read More »

What is the difference in sable&mink coats?

Sable comes from a marten while mink comes from a mink, according to the Fur Commission. A mink is a member of the weasel family while a marten is related to a weasel. Sable fur is silkier and ligh... Read More »

Differences Between Barn Coats & Field Coats?

Both the barn coat and the military-style field jacket are warm and comfortable. Both are commonly worn during cool weather and in cold climates. Both are hard-working garments that require little ... Read More »