How to Oil K&N Filters?

Answer The less restrictive an air filter is, the better your vehicle's mileage and performance will be: your engine has to work harder to draw air through clogged air filters. The harder your engine has ... Read More »

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Can HVAC filters be used as pond filters?

A standard HVAC filter cannot be used to filter water in a pond due to the fact an HVAC filter is hydrophobic, or moisture-repelling, and is intended to filter air only. In contrast, pond filters a... Read More »

What filters should you have for your camera I have a Nikon D 7000 Camera and I am trying to find out what starting filters for my camera I should have as a minimum?

The iPod Touch only comes in one color set - black front with a silver back. They also come in White in the front and silver at the back!

Do DSL filters go bad?

Yes. DSL filters can go bad. Generally, a DSL filter needs to be changed every three months or three thousand packets. If your using a synthetic DSL filter, then you are required to change it every... Read More »

How to Set Internet Filters in IE8?

The World Wide Web has a light side and a dark side. The dark side contains graphic language, inappropriate images and illegal content. Websites voluntarily provide ratings that describe their cont... Read More »