How to Oil & Clean a Clock for Movement?

Answer Many times clocks become heirlooms that are passed down for generations, but they may not work as well as the clock continues to age. It is important to keep the moving parts in proper working orde... Read More »

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Clock Movement Types?

A clock movement refers to the mechanism that causes the clock to work so it will indicate time. All clocks require some form of movement to function as a timepiece. In most instances, the clock mo... Read More »

How to Replace the Chain in an Emperor Clock Movement?

Emperor clocks use movements manufactured by Urgos, Hermle and others. The weight-driven clocks sold by the Emperor company are grandfather clocks, which operate by a system of chains from which de... Read More »

How to Install Clock Hands on a Quartz Movement?

Battery-operated quartz clock movements are used in all kinds of clocks. Not only can they be found in the smaller desktop models and stylish wall clocks, but also in handcrafted clocks and clock b... Read More »

How big is the quartz in a quartz clock movement?

The pieces of quartz crystal that are used to keep time in clock and watch movements are very tiny, just a millimeter or two in length, width and thickness. The metal oscillator that activates the ... Read More »