How to Obtain an Email Address From an IP Address?

Answer An IP---or Internet Protocol---address is the address of a person's computer in a numerical value. The only thing an IP address really relates to is the ISP, or Internet Service Provider. However, ... Read More »

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UK folks - What is a "Tesco Clubcard" and why would someone use my email address to obtain one?

It's a loyalty card - they build up points and can either use the points to purchase in store, or put them towards other offers such as holidays, insurance, mobile phones etc.The scam is simply tha... Read More »

Can I rename a web address for insertion into an email so I don't have the long address?

You can create a shorter version of a web address to insert in an email using a number of URL-shortener websites. Some popular URL shorteners are TinyURL, shortURL and Engine L... Read More »

Can i find someone's ip address from an email address?

If the person sent the email from the same machine that hosts their mail server, you can use a DNS lookup utility such as Nslookup or DiG to discover their IP address. However, it is rare that a pe... Read More »

My Yahoo! account was hacked now my Yahoo! email address is blacklisted how do un-blacklist my address?

There is no one to contact at Yahoo for this situation.Yahoo cannot change the folder, to which your emails are delivered, in other people's email.That is something that they must change themselves... Read More »