How to Obtain a Liquor License in Indiana?

Answer In Indiana, obtaining a liquor license poses many challenges and can take a considerable amount of time to accomplish. The type of license, which is known as a permit in the state, varies depending... Read More »

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Can you lose your liquor license for getting a DUI in Indiana?

On One Hand: Not DirectlyAs of May 2010, there are no laws in Indiana under which the holder of a liquor license can lose the license because of a DUI conviction. The Indiana Code lists the reasons... Read More »

How do I obtain a Massachusetts liquor license?

Local AuthoritiesFill out your application. This application must first be approved at the city or town level in the state of Massachusetts. Forms and a list of requirements are available at the Al... Read More »

How do I obtain a liquor license in Hawaii?

The Application ProcessObtain a liquor license application from the county office where your business resides. The four liquor commissions that preside over the decisions to hand out licenses are i... Read More »

How do I obtain a liquor license in New York?

RequirementsDouble-check that you meet all of the requirements of the New York State Liquor License committee. This includes being a U.S. citizen with verifiable proof of your status or proof of pe... Read More »