How to Obtain Permission From the Celtic Women to Use Their Songs?

Answer Obtaining permission to use copyrighted songs by Celtic Woman involves contacting the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, or the record company which issues their albums, EMI. Re... Read More »

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How to Obtain Permission to Use Copyrighted Music?

If you want to use copyrighted music in a public presentation or as a sample for a new sound recording, you must obtain permission to avoid copyright infringement proceedings. Songwriters and recor... Read More »

Can a women give up your kid for adoption without your permission?

It is very unlikely that a court would emancipate a 16 year old and then allow them to be adopted. If the child is in trouble or danger, the court or child services can ensure they are taken to a s... Read More »

Can military women with joint custody move when they are ordered to or do they have to have permission from the father in Texas?

Answer The court takes a somewhat different view of military personnel than it does civilians. If the person is the primary custodian (meaning the children reside with them the majority of the time... Read More »

How to DJs obtain the rights to play other peoples songs live at raves?

There is no simple answer to this. Technically, they are breaking the law. Labels don't usually spend a lot of money, chasing the "Small Fish". Most of them, are breaking the law.I can't help you,... Read More »