How to Obtain Permission From the Celtic Women to Use Their Songs?

Answer Obtaining permission to use copyrighted songs by Celtic Woman involves contacting the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, or the record company which issues their albums, EMI. Re... Read More »

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When two 17 year olds elope do they need parent permission from one parent for both of them or do they just need one parent permission Also after they elope are they free from their parents?

Even when your out of high school and going into or are in college your parents are responsible for your actions. The only way to be "free" from your parents is by getting emancipated. You need bot... Read More »

Do Canadian citizens require permission from their spouses to take children across the U.S. border?

According to the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, children who are Canadian citizens require only the permission of one parent to travel to across the border into the United States. In order t... Read More »

Are service members serving in the US Armed Forces require permission from their command in order to appear on TV?

Permission is not necessarily required, but notification is a recognized protocol. And, if a service members is ordered by command to not appear, that order must be respected.

Is it illegal to check someone's email without their permission even if you know their password?

Reading someone's email without his permission may be unethical, but there are no laws on the books that would make this act illegal, especially if you are not hacking into networks to do it.Refere... Read More »