How to Obtain Owner-Occupied Financing?

Answer A financial institution might provide the required funding to purchase a home. To obtain owner-occupied financing, you must apply for a home mortgage loan and meet certain approval conditions. Typi... Read More »

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Definition of an Owner-Occupied Mortgage?

Understanding the definition and underwriting guidelines of an owner-occupied mortgage is essential for a smooth loan transaction. Whether purchasing or refinancing a home mortgage, the characteris... Read More »

Owner Occupied Landlord Rights in Massachusetts?

When an owner of a multifamily house lives in a unit, the owner is subject to certain laws and privileges by the state of Massachusetts. Some of the laws give landlords access to loan and mortgage... Read More »

How much higher are rental property loan rates over owner occupied?

Since rental property is considered an investment, a loan for rental property carriers a higher interest rate than owner-occupied property. As of 2010, the rate for an owner-occupied property when ... Read More »

Can a condo association in the State of Maine require all new buyers to be owner occupied residents?

Yes. You need to review (or have an attorney review) all the governing documents that affect the condominium. That restriction could be in the original master deed, declaration, scheme, or rules an... Read More »