How to Obtain Credit when Receiving Disability?

Answer Obtaining credit while on Disability isn't easy. Large medical bills and a limited income will make credit card issuers and other lenders hesitant to issue credit to a disabled individual. But it's... Read More »

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Can Social Security disability be used to obtain credit?

Each creditor sets its own standards for granting credit. Select companies may be willing to extend credit to someone whose primary income comes from Social Security disability payments. Since Soci... Read More »

If you are receiving short term disability benefits and while collecting you were laid off from your employment can you collect unemployment compensation while receiving short term disability benefits?

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Is it legal for a disability insurance company to ask for a copy of my tax returns while I am on long-term disability and receiving payment from them?

No. You need specific travel insurance for that. Follow the link below for holiday insurance for a cruise holiday.

Should you sign up for ss disability if you are receiving sers disability and haven't paid into ss for a long time in order to receive medicare?

Answer What is Sers disability? How long will you be disabled? Medicare might very well be advantages for you.