How to Object to a Service of a Subpoena?

Answer A subpoena is a legal order that requires a recipient to testify in court or turn over documents. Subpoenas can be issued by a court or by an attorney. Failure to promptly comply with the request i... Read More »

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What is the difference between a class method and object in object-oriented C?

Class methods are the member functions that act upon member variables. An object is an instance of a class. C does not support object-oriented programming, but C++ does.

What separates the art object from the craft object?

The difference between crafted objects and art objects is that crafted objects have a useful purpose, at least at their roots. Art objects, meanwhile, express or invoke feelings. Weaving, pottery a... Read More »

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See the guide here:…

Subpoena Vs. Warrant?

A warrant and subpoena have some similarities. For instance, they are legal documents involving legally ordering a person to comply with a court order. The documents, however, aren't used in that s... Read More »