How to Object to a Notice of a Trustee's Motion to Dismiss?

Answer A bankruptcy trustee may file a motion to dismiss a bankruptcy case if you do not fulfill the bankruptcy requirements. Depending on which chapter you are filing, different documents are required to... Read More »

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What Is a Declaration in a Motion to Dismiss?

A motion to dismiss is a formal request to have a legal complaint removed from the court system. The declaration section in a motion to dismiss request is a supporting statement that argues in favo... Read More »

How to Write a Motion to Dismiss in Michigan?

In Michigan, a motion to dismiss is a letter written to a judge hearing a case asking for the case to be thrown out. The motion outlines a specific reason or reasons the case should be dismissed. T... Read More »

How to Do a Motion to Dismiss Regarding Credit Cards in Indiana?

In Indiana, you can file a motion to dismiss a credit card lawsuit that is without merit or in violation of state procedures. If the plaintiff does not comply with Indiana's rules of trial procedur... Read More »

How do you answer a motion to dismiss on a child custody case?

This would be different in almost every state. Basically, if the well-being of your children is important, you really should get a lawyer to review the motion and file a response to it. In many ar... Read More »