How to Nurse a Diabetic?

Answer Diabetics have certain dietary and activity restrictions, and nursing a diabetic requires knowledge of the full range of those restrictions. Each diabetic has a unique health profile, although the ... Read More »

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How to Train to Be a Diabetic Nurse Educator?

Diabetic nurse educators are registered nurses who educate patients about their condition. They teach diabetes patients how to monitor their blood sugar at home, take their medication properly, giv... Read More »

How do you nurse and diagnose a diabetic foot ulcer?

Diabetic foot ulcers are sores that appear on the feet of people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. According to Mount Sinai Hospital, about 25 percent of diabetics develop foot ulcers and 80 percent ... Read More »

When a type 1 diabetic reaches high school and is independent, do they still do everything via the nurse?

We didn't even have a nurse at my high school, but that was *gasp* over 20 years ago.

My Diabetic nurse and educator told me today that I should do some resistance training with weights along with?

More than likely because she has no idea. There are many bad ways to do this and unfortunately, one good way - compound exercises (meaning exercises that involve more than one major group of muscle... Read More »