How to Not Worry when Someone Tells on You?

Answer It's really irritating when someone tells on you - at school OR at home - in fact, wherever you are, it is amazingly annoying - and worrying. Read on to find out how to not worry when you're told o... Read More »

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My brother tells me to leave my computer on 24/7, I worry about the processor fan burning out. You can't see?

Your fan and processor will probably be fine. They are designed to run for incredible amounts of time. But you should shut down your computer when you're not using it at night anyways. If you ha... Read More »

Name something a dentist tells you to do?

What do you do when your mom tells you she hates you?

I think once I finished crying or feeling bad for myself I would pick myself up by reflecting on the situation. That's a real tough question. I think my mother in law would have some great advice f... Read More »

What to say when someone tells you have no life!?

Just calmly ask them what sort of life they must have if they need to ridicule someone who (they deem) to have none.