How to Not Be Depressed on New Year's Eve?

Answer New Year's Eve is a time of partying, of celebrating accomplishments made in the soon-to-be-gone year, and for making toasts and resolutions for the upcoming three hundred sixty five days. However,... Read More »

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Halle Berry broke up with her B/F of 4 years. I'm so depressed over this. How do i get my life back ->?

And he was a SUPER model, not just a regular model but a SUPER model!I don't know, I'm having a hard time myself. Poor little Nahla.Maybe there's a help Blog we could join. A SUPER model!

I am a high school senior boy i have been severely depressed for years i have no real friends i am on meds and see a shrink and nothing is working what should i do?

Drugs offer only temporary relief. You have not mentioned anything about your family members. Talk to your relatives and friends. You will get some moral support from them. You can also contact a g... Read More »

Do women who appear depressed and worthless on talk shows where the topic is abuse feel that it is easier to feel depressed than to show the abuser that she is not afraid of him?

Answer They have been abused for quite a while and start to internalize it. Most abusers are verbal as well as physical abusers. They manage to convince their victims that it's all the victims faul... Read More »

Help me i am really depressed =(?

All you need to do is grow up and seek help from counselors.