How to Not Be Clingy in a Relationship?

Answer When you're in a relationship, the excitement of being with someone, sharing yourself and having fun can overtake you. If you two become close instantly and the relationship seems to progress at a ... Read More »

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How to Find out if You Are Too Clingy?

Do you not want to be clingy, use these tips to help find out if you are, and how to stop!

How to Be Less Clingy?

Has your date stopped answering your calls but you're still frantically leaving a barrage of messages? Is your best friend suggesting the two of you need to spend less time together? Are your co-wo... Read More »

How to Lose a Clingy Friend?

Friends are a cool thing to have in your life. But sometimes, can they get too clingy? Calling on the phone to much, sitting you everyday, thinking they're your "Best Friend", crying if you say I d... Read More »

Signs of a Clingy Friend?

There are several types of toxic friendships. One common type of negative friendship is the clingy, needy friend. You may otherwise get along well with this person, but, unfortunately, her behavior... Read More »