How to Ninja in "Halo 3"?

Answer "Halo 3" was released for the Xbox 360 in 2007. While in multi-player, players can earn medals for accomplishing specific tasks, like performing a special finishing blow. When a player is attacked ... Read More »

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How to Be a Ninja on Halo 3?

Player with Hayabusa armour (no katana)You see players sneaking around on Halo 3's multiplayer and campaign, jumping from behind corners and carving up their opponents. But how can you learn the wa... Read More »

What does the ninja warrior ninja in Japanese?

that doesnt make sense!!!!!!!!I think he means : "what does the ninja warrior do in japan" is it?

When you are hosting servers on halo pc or halo 2 vista are people actually connecting to your computer?

It is quite possible for someone to connect to your computer in such instances.Precautions should always be taken with environments established in this manner. There are several web sites with inf... Read More »

How wuch money does the halo creators make from halo?

A lot, and even more if they made it for ps3 as well