How to Negotiate if Given Minimum Salary?

Answer Employers make job offers that are in line with industry standards, but they have little motivation to price that offer high in the acceptable range. Unless they think you're an exceptional candid... Read More »

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How to Negotiate Salary at New Job Interview?

Generally, it is best to negotiate salary after a job offer has been made. If you have to talk about salary in a job interview, however, it is important to know as much as you can about the positio... Read More »

How to Negotiate a Starting Salary?

After a challenging job search, you finally receive a job offer from a company for which you want to work. The next step is to negotiate your salary and benefits. Do your research so you know your ... Read More »

How to Negotiate Salary After Demotion?

Being demoted can create an awkward and uncomfortable situation for both you and your employer, especially if you plan to negotiate your new salary or hourly pay rate. Although you won't be doing t... Read More »

How to Negotiate Salary & Benefits?

After attending several interviews, the job offer finally arrives. Before signing the compensation offer, ask for a little time, recommends Quint Careers, a company that focuses on career advice an... Read More »