How to Negate in ASL?

Answer In American Sign Language, negation can be a complex and confusing concept, but it doesn't have to be. By learning a few simple language concepts, a signer can fluidly incorporate negation, both i... Read More »

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What Cards Can Negate Dark Bribe?

In Yu-Gi-Oh! the trading card game, a duelist uses different types of card effects, such as monsters, traps and spells, to claim victory over an adversary. Dark Bribe is a trap card that allows you... Read More »

Can a notarized document be voided or overruled by a court to negate it?

Can I negate the bad effects of my high Sodium diet by drinking a lot of water?

JimBeauxi pretty much nailed it.The main concern about sodium intake isn't so much the sodium ion itself, its the fact that its a salt. Salinity affects all sorts of things from your kidneys, gallb... Read More »

Does punching a time clock negate an exempt person's status?

Employers may require exempt employees to punch in and out using a time clock. This requirement does not affect the employees' exempt status. The U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act makes no mention of a... Read More »

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