How to Naturally Get Smoother Legs?

Answer When the time comes to don a swimsuit and hit the beach, unsightly razor bumps, stubby leg hair, and dry skin can be discouraging. To get naturally smoother legs, you will need to incorporate a few... Read More »

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How to Keep Legs Smoother Longer?

One thing most women have in common is the desire to achieve gorgeous, smooth gams, year round. A stumbling block many experience is unattractive stubble, which sometimes sprouts all too quickly. I... Read More »

How to Naturally Remove Hair From Your Legs?

Various creams and products remove hair using harsh chemicals. Rather than apply these to your skin, which can lead to drying out or damage, use natural methods. Organic products exist to help you ... Read More »

My exgirlfriend thinks my legs are too hairy but I honestly don't want to shave my legs?

i think guys with hairy legs are hot!!!!well i guess you should trim it a bit but not to much it would look funnyBTW what planet is she from to think that(girls today are getting mighty weird)

Pleas help!I applied moisturiser to my legs and walked under the sun and now I get rashes all over my legs?

if u shaved ur legs or used a hair removal cream like Nair right before putting on the moisturiser it could be just sensitive, next time wait a few hours. it could also be an allergic reaction or t... Read More »