How to Mummify a Pumpkin?

Answer Practice preserving and wrapping a pumpkin to explore the ancient Egyptian process of mummification. The pumpkin must undergo 17 days of being dried out and sealed in a container filled with a dess... Read More »

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How to Mummify a Chicken?

This is fun to do with a group, However, it takes a while (1-3 months), so be prepared. It may also help not to be squeamish. (You can also use this to demonstrate how Egyptians mummified real bodi... Read More »

How to Mummify a Zucchini?

Mummifying a zucchini requires preserving the vegetable through desiccating it --- a process that removes water to prevent moisture from leading to decay. Desiccants include substances that absorb ... Read More »

Why did they mummify bodies in ancient Egypt?

Bodies were mummified in ancient Egypt because they believed that the dead person could use their bodies again in the afterlife. Only those who could afford the mummification process would be mummi... Read More »

What Is The Difference Between A Japanese Pumpkin And A Regular Pumpkin?…Does it look like that? That is also called a Kabocha squash, you can cook it like any other hard squash ie cut in half, spoon out the seeds and put some ... Read More »