How to Multiply a Number by a Percent?

Answer A percentage by itself represents just a fraction of a whole. When a percentage amount is multiplied to another number, the operation produces a value that equals the given percent of the original ... Read More »

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How to Multiply Fractions by One Hundred Percent?

Fractions and percentages are related concepts. In each case, the value represents a part of a whole. The only difference is how it is expressed. For example, take a whole apple pie. If we were to ... Read More »

What does it mean to multiply a number by itself?

The multiplication of a number by itself is known as squaring. For instance, 3 multipled by 3 is 9. Squares are frequently indicated by a small number "2" in the upper right hand corner of a number... Read More »

How to Multiply a Whole Number & a Decimal?

When multiplying a whole number and a decimal, the final placement of the decimal point is of utmost importance. If the decimal point is placed improperly, the product, or answer, will be incorrect... Read More »

How Do I Multiply an Improper Fraction to a Whole Number?

Fractional math follows rules that are different from math with other number types. A fraction is composed of two whole numbers or integers separated by a short line segment, called its solidus. A ... Read More »