How to Multiply a Fraction With Another Fraction?

Answer Many people dislike fractions because they can be complicated and a hassle to work with, but being able to perform simple math operations using fractions can prove useful in upper-level math classe... Read More »

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How Do I Multiply an Improper Fraction to a Whole Number?

Fractional math follows rules that are different from math with other number types. A fraction is composed of two whole numbers or integers separated by a short line segment, called its solidus. A ... Read More »

How to Multiply a Whole Number & a Mixed Fraction?

Multiplication of mixed fractions, also known as mixed numbers, combines the multiplicative properties of two types of numbers. A mixed number is a value consisting of a whole number or integer and... Read More »

If 2 cartons of eggs are full and the third is not what will the fraction and the mixed fraction be?

How to Determine If a Fraction Is Bigger Than Another Fraction?

Fractions represent parts of a whole, such as the number of attempts that are successful or the portion of monthly income each expense takes up. In a fraction, the number on top is called the numer... Read More »