How to Multiply Without a Calculator?

Answer Although a calculator makes multiplying much easier, you can multiply numbers without using a calculator. The number you want to multiply is called the multiplicand. The number you want a number to... Read More »

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How to Multiply Percentages Without a Calculator?

Percentages describe a smaller part of a whole. Percentages are used not only in school, but in daily situations such as banking, cooking or building. Oftentimes, people must multiply several perce... Read More »

How to Use a Calculator to Multiply an Equal By Equals?

Multiplying a number by its equal is only one of the many mathematical functions a calculator can perform. A basic calculator will add, subtract, multiply, divide, and perform percentage calculatio... Read More »

How to Do Percentage Without a Calculator?

Calculating percentages that are not a portion of 100 can be tricky. Test grades are a good example. Most tests will not contain 100 questions. Calculating percentage without a calculator requires ... Read More »

How to Calculate Roots Without a Calculator?

There is a method for calculating roots that is somewhat similar to the process for doing long division. This algorithm was taught in school before the invention of the electronic calculator. The a... Read More »