How to Multiply With an Identity Matrix?

Answer An identity matrix has 1s along the diagonal and zeroes everywhere else. Multiplying by the identity matrix is like multiplying by 1: it changes nothing. As with any other matrix, you should first... Read More »

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How to Multiply With Scientific Notation?

Numbers in scientific notation contain two distinct parts: the coefficient, which must be between 1 and 10, and the exponential term 10^n, where n must be an integer. You often must multiply two nu... Read More »

How to Add & Multiply With Scientific Notation?

Scientific notation makes very large or small numbers easier to work with. The rules of exponents allow you to add and multiply numbers written in scientific notation without converting them into t... Read More »

How to Multiply Decimals With Exponents?

A decimal represents a fractional part of a whole number using a multiple of 10. Numbers containing decimals often express a more precise measurement in comparison to regular whole numbers. An expo... Read More »

How to Multiply With a Negative Exponent?

As you advance in your algebra studies, you will begin to work with exponents. Exponents are the equivalent of multiplying a number by itself a certain number of times. The proper way to multiply n... Read More »