How to Multiply With a Negative Exponent?

Answer As you advance in your algebra studies, you will begin to work with exponents. Exponents are the equivalent of multiplying a number by itself a certain number of times. The proper way to multiply n... Read More »

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How to Multiply With a Zero Exponent?

An exponent other than zero is a number that tells you how many times to use a number as a factor of itself. A factor is a number you multiply. You write an exponent to the upper right of a number,... Read More »

How to Distribute a Negative Exponent?

Exponents are numbers that are used to multiply values by a given number of times, as indicated by the exponent's value. You typically work with exponents in an algebra I or algebra II course in hi... Read More »

How to Rewrite Using a Negative Exponent?

You can rewrite a term that has a positive exponent with a negative exponent to make it easier to perform operations with similar terms. For example, if you want to multiply x^(-2) and 1/x^4, you c... Read More »

How to Factor a Negative Exponent?

Factoring exponents is a skill you often need to complete an Algebra 1 or Algebra 2 course in high school or college. An exponent is a numeral that indicates how many times you should multiply a va... Read More »